The first week at the Kaospilots

Summer-break is over and the Kaospilots are back in their headquarter in Bern. The first week at the Kaospilots what an exitment.The first week at the Kaospilots

We came together from all over the world to start our second year. There is a change happening. From now on, we are two teams. The first thing we did on Monday was to say goodbye to the Kaospilots Team SUI 2. They were out for a week on team building event in Damvant up in the Jura.

The rest of the first day we, Team SUI 1, shared our summer-experiences, had talks about open tasks and enjoyed being together again.

Is teambuilding just having fun together?

On the second day Markus & Markus from “Out of the box” were invited to bring us closer as a team, after our summer-holiday. They showed us, that teambuilding could be more then just having fun together. It can be also a learning-ground for the individual and the whole team.  We learned new tools like the Johari-Window, which help us to understand each other better and which we can use for our own work in the future. The most inspiring question was: “Needs a team always to be a team?“

How does it feel like to ride the Creative Rollercoaster?

On Wednesday and Thursday it was kick-off time for this semester- the process-semester. From now till January we will learn how to ride the Creative Rollercoaster and we will guide companies riding it as well. The Creative Rollercoaster is a tool, which we will learn to use, for helping companies going trough a process – for example a change-process. As we saw in our semester plan there are four exciting and challenging months in front of us.


The first week at the Kaospilots

It’s Party time tonight!

On Friday, we prepared the Welcome-party for team SUI 2. It was the first time that two teams of Kaospilots in Switzerland partied together. We enjoyed the celebration and dancing till late in the evening and of course we are looking forward to do so for the next two years.

Marc, Team SUI 1

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