How to finance a school?

More and more educational institutions are discovering private and corporate funding to finance a school. As a new way of raising money when governments are cutting back on budgets and financial resources. Along with this deployment, the challenges arise:

1. How can educational institutions keep their sovereignty while accepting donations from companies or private organisations and foundations?

2. What kind of trade-off do those new found financiers expect?

3. What is needed for true win-win-win for all involved?

Last week the Swiss Newspaper “Tageswoche” reported about the University of Basel and their sponsoring-contract with Interpharma, the organization of the researching pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. The article shows that the University of Basel wanted to keep the amount and the duration of the contract a secret to the public. However, Interpharma wanted to create transparency on their sponsoring activities and decided to publish the details of the sponsoring agreement single-handedly.

In this particular case the faculty was obviously not prepared to answer those questions and was unsure about how to deal with sponsoring by private and corporate organisations or foundations. It appears that this is just one example and that most educational institutions are struggling with the topic since experiences and a clear policy are missing.

finance a schoolKaosPilots Switzerland is a start-up and has no official accreditation as a higher education from the Swiss government. Therefore, we receive no government funding and depend on private donations and corporate financing and sponsoring. Therefore, we know how to handle these partnerships in a way that both parties profit from it.

For us at KaosPilots Switzerland, our sponsors and financiers are not just a money source. They are our partners.

So, how do these partnerships work?

The KaosPilots curriculum is based on a practical instead of a theoretical approach. So instead of simply asking for money, we want our potential funding-partners and sponsors to hand a real-life challenge or project to our students. In return for the viable outcome of the challenge or project, the client donates a project-fee to the school; this model is therefore comparable with the classic client – consulting-agency relationship.

This way the KaosPilots are able to create a win-win-win situation:

– Our students get real challenges from real clients they can work and learn with.

– Our partners get profound solutions for their challenges and projects.

– We as an educational institution are able to cover an other essential part of our costs of operation.

Our mothership, the KaosPilots in Aarhus, Denmark is a good example that this model has worked well over the last 20 years.

Of course, in the current start-up-phase, KaosPilots Switzerland also depends on smaller, private supporters. In return for your private donation, you become a KaosAngel and receive KaosCoins, which you can convert into free entry to our Kaos-Events, support from KaosPilot-students for your challenges, participation in an Urban-Safaris or even a helicopter flight with our Headmaster Matti.

If your organisation, company or foundation is willing to donate 100 Million Swiss Francs to the KaosPilots, like the UBS lately did to the University of Zürich (smaller amounts will be accepted as well), or you want to support the KaosPilots yourself by becoming a KaosAngel, you can tell the whole wide world about it. Actually our students will be happy to help you with that!

Are you interested in creating opportunities for young changemakers? Do you want sustainable solutions for your challenges and projects and support transparency on funding and sponsoring? Then please get in touch with us.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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