Meet one of our KaosPilots from Team SUI 1 Anna Fritsche, 26.

Team SUI 1 Anna Fritsche

Where do you come from and what have you done before joining the KaosPilots Team SUI 1 Anna Fritsche?
I come from Germany. After finishing high-school, I took a year off to work at a local newspaper and to travel to Australia. With my head full of ideas, I started to study at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Digging into diverse theories fascinated me, so I did my B.A. degree in Media Studies and Social Sciences. As well, I always loved working on a broad range of fun projects – e.g. designing longboards, moderating a show at a self-organized radio station or organizing vegan potluck parties with philosophic discussions. Shockingly enough, I then started an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio instead of a “proper job” and enjoyed drawing tattoo designs instead of reading specialist literature for several months. At the very moment I realized that I need to find a good balance between the serious and the funky things in my life to be fully satisfied, a friend told me about the KaosPilots…

What brought you to the KaosPilots?
Curiosity, the desire to explore and see the world from new perspectives and a row of lucky circumstances. I just knew that if there is a place where I can learn how to integrate all my interests into my daily life, this is it.

What do you love about the KaosPilots?
I love the free spirit at the KaosPilots and its challenges. My team deals with incredible interesting topics, we have great lectures and a lot of fun dealing with projects, because we allow ourselves to follow the natural flow of learning and creativity. Each day is different and we never know what it will bring. For me, that’s the beauty at the KaosPilots: I can surprise myself every day.

What are the 3 most important things you have learned in the last 5 months?
Seeing options instead of obstacles. Having a clear picture of where you want to go makes things falling into place in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

The power of working together. When we shift hierarchical structures to a real democratic approach where every voice maters, teamwork can actually be fun!

Last but not least: being courageous, allowing myself to dream big and leave the good for the great.
What is your dream that you want to live after completing the KaosPilots program?
A fulfilled and rich life. Finding all the pieces of my personal magic dice and puzzle them together in the most beautiful and inspiring way – however that will look like after 2 ½ more years at the KaosPilots… 🙂

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