Council Guide Training with the KaosPilots in Switzerland

Every 3 months, the KaosPilots Switzerland’s Team SUI1 is in training with WhiteEagle from New Mexico. WhiteEagle is the Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, an ancient bundle of wisdom and maps to help people develop and unfold their talents and leadership and to work together and to make decisions like a tribe.

In addition to the KaosPilots students, this training program is also open for 30 external participants who feel called to do this. The program consists of 9 training ceremonies of each 5 days. And if you choose, you can be a certified Council Guide at the end of this training and use these amazing tools and methods to help other grous and teams to make decisions like a tribe.

Curious? Contact or call +41 79 345 28 28.

Why WhiteEagle loves this co-operation with us and why she believes that creative and fresh-minded, young entrepreneurs are important in our world, see here in this 7 minute video interview:

More information:

The dates of the Training are :


Ceremony 1: 14th-19th of October, always Monday afternoon, to Saturday afternoon, approximately 15h.

Ceremony 2: 2nd-7th of December


Ceremony 3: 3rd- 8th of March

Ceremony 4: 16th-21st of June

Ceremony 5: 20th-25th of October


Ceremony 6: 12th-17th of January

Ceremony 7: 30th of March-4th of April

Ceremony 8: 15th-29th of June

Ceremony 9: 14th-19th of September (will be held in Mexico)

Want to meet WhiteEagle and learn about these teachings?

February 23rd, 2013, Saturday, 14-17h in Bern: Storytelling with WhiteEagle – What is this new cycle all about?, CHF 25.-

February 18-22, 2013 (Monday late afternoon to Friday after lunch): Intro-Trainingweek to Evocative Leadership Mastery, learning the ancient native leadership understanding with the 8 leadership intelligences.

October 7-13th, 2013: You can also participate in parts of the 5th ceremony of the Council Guides in training with KaosPilots Team SUI1 and 9 more participants from England, France, Switzerland and the United States. If you are interested, send an E-mail to

Costs for external Participants:

• Tuition for 2 ½ year education USD 10’600 (approx. CHF 10’000)

This includes 9 ceremonies (45 days of 235 USD), and guidance between ceremonies through trained guides in order to deepen the learning started in the ceremonies. In addition to this:

• USD 120 for an online-lodge throughout the training.

• Costs for simple lodging and good food during the ceremonies

• Travel costs to the ceremony locations (including to Yucatan/Mexico)

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