KaosPilots Team SUI1 develops first projects in Bern

The 15 KaosPilot students from our Team SUI1 are in these 2 weeks working on 3 client projects as their first projects exam: All projects to strengthen their skills and talents to cooperate and design inspiring initiatives, to be in touch with their clients and to deliver strong results. And of course as always in our context, we look at these project adventures as learning opportunities for our students and our school to grow.

Team 1: Developing an online tool for skills achieved in the non-formal education of young people between 16-30. Client: Intermundo, Swiss umbrella organization for youth exchange, Bern

Team 2: “Café/Bistro”: Research and develop a café and bistro design that can inspire the neighbourhood here in the Wyleregg/Lorraine in Bern and in our buildings. Clients: changels & KaosPilots Switzerland

Team 3: “Innovation Village”: Develop a business model for a creative and inspiring co-operation of innovative partners, smaller companies and artists from various fields for the former WIFAG halls in Bern. Client: changels

The students will have their presentations to the clients on Thursday and Friday, December 6 and 7. Then they will reflect their learning process and their individual learning for their first exam, taking place on December 19.

On Friday, December 21, we will gather as a whole school with students, staff, teachers, partners, sponsors and friends for our first KaosPilots school Council to look at what have we experienced in the first intensive months of the start up of our school here in Bern. What can be celebrated? And what is needed now for best possible growth and development as an entire organization and for each individual.


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