We love real projects for and from real companies

KaosPilots like to work with real projects, real world challenges from real organisations, companies and communities.

Do you have an interesting nut to crack for us?

What works really well for us are creative assignments (idea or product development, internal and external communication and campaign design and event planning, large group facilitation and documentation projects). Can you imagine what 20 or 35 KaosPilots can achieve for you in 1 or even 4 weeks? The outcomes are inspiring and out of the box, yet fine-tuned to your organisational culture. Our students learn to bring out the best and most meaningful project proposals to the table for you to choose what suits best.

What is your challenge? We are curious. Get in touch.+41 31 371 69 75

real projects
kaospilots at work © kpch
kaospilots at work © kpch

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