Why does the world need new entrepreneurs?

The challenges that we face today and the challenges we can sense will be showing up tomorrow need creative and meaningful approaches, courage and vision, healing and storytelling, joy, beauty and a love for oneself and the people around us the new entrepreneurs.

Our main concerns on this planet are still food, shelter and tools & love. We have not achieved this for everyone in suitable forms. And for it to happen, we need to play together, using each of our talents, challenge each other in loving forms so we can grow and maintain a good dynamic balance in all we do.

The times of the lonely wolves are over. It is time for inspiring co-operation and co-creation as communities and tribes in order to take good care of ourselves and the entire hoop of life around us.

For this to happen we need new entrepreneurs, creative leaders, change makers and social innovators. That is why we have started the KaosPilots here in Bern, Switzerland. We bring together the Danish KaosPilots’ inspiration with over 20 years of experience in Aarhus, Scandinavia and the rest of the world with the know-how and network of changels Ltd. as a coaching and consulting company started by Matti Straub-Fischer who was the first Swiss KaosPilot, and further we integrate the ancient wisdom of the Delicate Lodge teachings with White Eagle from New Mexico/US and her guides from the Council Guide Training to teach us the old ways of how to lead ourselves and how to make decisions like a tribe without one person dominating another.

With this powerful mix we believe we can create new realities in this world with you and you and you and you.

PS: Why do these studies take 3 years and full-time? Because change needs to take place inside of us first. Learning as we see it is mostly questioning our beliefs and truths so far, then un-learning and re-learning. There are no quick fixes if we want solid foundations to build on.

And yes, we are thinking of different ways of sharing our know-how with you:

If you want to participate exclusively in the Council Guide Training part with the KaosPilots and White Eagle (5 days every 3 months over 2 1/4 years), you can get in touch with Matti Straub-Fischer, matti@kaospilots.ch or call +41 79 345 28 28.

If you are interested in other forms of training or inspiration with the KaosPilots, please get in touch with us +41 31 371 69 75.

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