Mothers want the best…

and therefore mothers have proven to be our best ambassadors so far.

In our campaign for the start up of the KaosPilots in Switzerland so far, we have learnt that mothers (and some fathers) play an important role in helping their offspring to find the best possible education and training, which really fosters and strengthens their individual interests and talents. One mother poked her son 3 times with the hint about our KaosPilots education, until he checked out the website and REALLY DID BECOME INSPIRED (“MOM, this is reeeaallyy cool, how did you get to know about this? And how did you know this would be the perfect place for me??? I have been dreaming about this!”).

Yes, mothers and fathers have a strong dream for their children to be happy and successful in life – and if they as parents can contribute in any way for them to reach this goal, they will do everything they can, even when the dance between the generations is not always an easy one.

So: Thank you all, you mothers and fathers out there for the beautiful efforts and support you give your children for most inspiring perspectives – even when your kids are grown ups. And remember: When travelling with a child, put your own oxygene mask on first, then help your child and others. With our lives and our own happiness and success it is the same 😉

If you as a mother or a father would like to know more about us or would like to contribute to us and our program, please get in touch. +41 31 371 69 79

Kaospilots at work © kpch

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