How can you support us?

The Kaospilots are the school of our dreams can you support us. We have been investing our passion, energy, our talents and resources into this beautiful project here in Bern. In order to grow and move towards our dreams, we now need your support:  We need

1. More students! Currently we have 11 students to start on October 1st. We would love to have 35! Do you know anybody who should know about this unique opportunity? Apply until August 1st and join us at the Assessment Workshop on August 15/16 in Bern.

2. A new space for our school in Bern. 1000-2000 m2. Have you seen anything or know of something?

3. Partners and projects for our students. Do you have REAL WORLD challenges? KaosPilots are known to be very good at idea development and trend scouting, communication and campaigning challenges and large group facilitation and conflict resolution… Are you curious to see how our students will play with your questions and tasks?

4. Financial support and other resources – both for our school and for our scholarship fund for our future students. Would you like to support us? You can not wash your money with us, but we as a school and our students are great and meaningful investment opportunities – and we will create many more of those.

Please get in touch and come by for an espresso, fruit juice or beer! +41 31 371 69 75

kaospilots at work © kpch

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